Service & Support

Advanced Micro Systems has been an innovator in Central California by providing high-quality service for our customers since the 1980’s. With our suite of support services we can configure and align a service plan that fits your organization’s needs and profile, and can help you maintain a high level of productivity and minimize disruptions.

Managed Services

After decades of break-fix repairs and time-and-material service plans, we now have the tools to provide a variety of structured price service agreements for our clients. Not only can we remotely monitor and manage your network devices and data, but we can provide service levels that move the risk and expense of network failures out of your office and into ours.

Whether you are looking for network monitoring, complete management, or just need some supplemental support for your in-house IT staff, we can help provide state of the art network management for you – we’ll worry about the technology so you can focus on your business.

Network Integration and Support

We have been installing and supporting local area and wide area networks since the days of coaxial network cables and 1200bps dialup modems. We continue to assist our customers with their migration to each new generation of technology.

Open a Service Ticket

If you have an account you can enhance your service experience by using our online service request system.

For more information contact us at: 559-625-8862 or